One vs. One (new game)

Hello WorthyPeople,
We are taking a new course to a wider audience. WorthyBuck will become a platform for earn to play games!

We introduce you now the first of the games with direct interaction between users!

So… anyone want to join the battle?

Do you like to have a thrill?

Play against friends or strangers from all over the world!

One vs. One is the name of the game that just started! The game category is “Battles”! This is the first game in this category, but It is planned to be at least 3. Read below for more interesting details about the first game!

You can bet an amount of your choice (not less than $0.20) and start a battle! When another user joins the battle, it pays the same amount! The winner takes 90% of the total raised and the remaining 10% goes into the winner’s parent chain!

Everyone wins (except the loser) …

For lovers of greater risks, they can always play with a larger amount, for example $100, $200, and when another risk lover joins the battle, they will compete!

Check out the available battles on the battlefield here or host a new battle with an amount of your choice!


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