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Hello WorthyPeople,

Our shared journey WorthyBuck.com offers all Internet entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a stable and long-term passive income.

Each user takes his position in the global matrix and begins to fill his private matrix, which is always part of the global one. Users play the lottery game with a chance to win up to $1 million from a single bet. Passive income comes from the bets of people in your private matrix. They are motivated to bet every day to qualify for bonuses and commissions from their private matrix. A certain number of bets today qualify you for bonuses and commissions up to a certain level for tomorrow. Note that the platform uses UTC time zone.

To take your position in the matrix you need to have added at least 10 tickets to your account. This can be done in 2 ways. The first is to buy them with a crypto payment, the second is to get them via the send tickets function (someone send them to you).

The system has no limits on how many accounts you can have. No IP limitations. Only a new email and password is required. Why is it good to have more positions in the matrix? The global matrix fills its empty places from the free registrations (no referral link). That way you will have several sources of income. In time, you will be able to list your account for sale and have another user buy it. This is optional. There are multiple strategies you can use to build real passive income in our ecosystem.



Worldwide Lottery Game + Passive Income Matrix

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