Standard Referral Model vs. Matrix 3x3. Which one is better?
2 min readOct 5, 2022

To answer this question, we have to think about the good of the whole, of the common, of everyone on the platform.

Let’s first look at what a referral system is and how it benefits you. This is a method that was invented by the pioneers of network marketing and has been working for quite a few years now. The idea is for it to be a logistics chain for moving a product or service, thus saving on advertising costs. Accordingly, the saved costs or a part of them are given as a reward to the people in this chain, because they have moved the product or service to the final customer. Each user is a kind of representative of the company and its products. Users have the right to create new representatives from where they receive their rewards. The idea was revolutionary for its time and still is for those who are now learning about it. It’s brilliant! Does this mean there are no downsides? And isn’t there really a better designed version of this system?

In the standard referral system, the user’s personal interest comes first. Of course, there are many different variations of such structures, but in most cases the user has the greatest interest when he “arranges” his referrals on one level, directly below him by creating parallel, competing structures.

For comparison, in WorthyBuck’s “3x3 Matrix”, the referral structure has precisely defined positions and levels, which cannot be more than 3 direct to one user. In other words, if a user wants to invite a 4th person with a referral link, he will fill a position under his first referral, thus helping him as well. When someone higher up the Matrix invites people, the new person can also end up in your Private Matrix if yours is part of theirs of course.

Everyone has an interest in developing the Global Matrix, even people from parallel competing Private Matrices. How would it help you and everyone else if one’s Private Matrix is ​​highly developed? Simply, when there are free registrations, they fill the first free places in the Global Matrix by skipping the occupied positions.

Thus, each user has an interest in helping spread the idea, as well as helping with information to everyone else. This, in turn, makes the system much more stable and sustainable than the standard one.



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